Garage Door Insulation  11/05/11
To help keep the Master Bath warmer in the cold weather, we decided to insulate the 3-car garage's doors. (The garage is right underneath the Master Bath).
Bought three kits from Home Depot, by Owens Corning (Pink Panther). The 'R' rating is R-8. It comes in a box that will do 8 sections (one door). Bought three boxes since we have a single door and a double door garage, for a total of 24 sections.

Paid $58/box in my local Home Depot.

The first step is to apply the double-sided sticky squares to the center of the panels. Then peel back the surface exposing the white ticky surface. Then affix a white plastic unit to each panel.
Measure and cut each section of insulation to fit the specific section being done
Then, using a utility knife, make a small hole to allow the white plastic piece to protrude through the insulation, and then connect another outer white plastic piece to each inner one. Here is how one finished section looks:
Repeat the procedure until all sections have been done. The acoustics improve as well. The garage seems more "cozy" with the insulation installed.